Keep a Breast

Keep a Breast

It all started when two amazing concepts were paired in front of the crystal waves of the beaches of southern France, the execution is nothing short of incredible... The collaboration began on the coast of the south west of France during a world surfing championship in 2004. For the last 8 years in the row, the Keep A Breast Foundation, a one of a kind breast cancer awareness organization and the major global women surf brand Roxy have merged forces to create great events to raise money for various breast cancer associations as per the Lavender Trust in the UK, Europa Donna and Le Cancer du Sein Parlons En in France...

Those fund raising events took places in Biarritz during the great world surfing championship but also in Paris, Newquay, Prague, Madrid, Zurich...and more than 200 000 Euros have been raised so far...

The concept is simple but very original as various surfers snowboarders ,artists ,and well know personalities volunteer their femininity and their  bare chests to be replicated as plaster busts ... Some of the participants included top pros and world champions surfers as: Lisa Andersen, Kassia Meador from USA, Stephanie Gilmorre from Australia,  Lee Ann Curren from France, Anne Marie Reichman from Holland, Iballa and Daida Moreno from Canaries, or Olympic medalists as Torah Bright from Australia or Kjerti Buaas from norway and many more.

These impressions are then used as blank canvases by artists and internationals celebrities to be decorated with their creative flair.

Some of the past participants included : Harun Shark Dogan from Zurich  ... Guy Forget ,  Bixente Lizarazu , Speedy Graphito  ,Jean Charles de Castelbajac ,Jose Garcia, Jules Edouard Moustic, Fifi Chachnill , Kafka from France, Mambo from Chili, Maharishi, Carey Mulligan and  Keira Knightley, Will Barras and Lucy Mc Laughan from UK, Neneh Cherry from Stockholm...

Those artistic creations use the power of art to communicate some feelings and deep thoughts about health, femininity and finally breast cancer.

Keep A Breast and Roxy goal is to bring a fresh perspective to this important cause in a way that is relevant and inspiring to today’s youth.

Once again this year Keep A Breast was present in Biarritz during the Roxy Pro.

Roxy is also involved with the Space Junk Gallery which has created a relevant exhibition using the famous cast of the Venus De Milo as a support based on a resin and fiber glass reproduction of the celebrated sculpture, each artist has given been given free rein to come up with their own and unique take on this classic support. The exhibition was revealed during the Roxy Pro in Biarritz but is now on his way to Lyon were it will be exhibited  from the 8 of September till the end of October  and then auction to raise funds for breast cancer. Europa Donna, Keep A Breast and Le Cancer Du Sein, Parlons En! will received the funds