A-freak-A and the Quiksilver Foundation are partnering on a project for water protection: Raindrop

One project, two objectives

The objective of this project is, firstly to promote autonomy of coops towards water resource. In this way it prevents them from competing with the needs of local population subject to the phenomena of scarcity. Secondly, despite the use of eco-friendly dyes (heavy metals and toxic compounds free),dye is an activity that impacts the environment. The project will try to reduce this impact.

Retrieve and store rainwater

Raindrop project consists in using coops roofs to collect rainwater that will be stocked in undergrounds tanks in order to limit evaporation. This stored water is of optimum quality for the dye, because it is limestone and mineral free, those components disrupt the hold of the colors.

Recycling dye water or the transformation of waste into resource

Dye water treatment will allow reusing the same rainwater in closed-circuit and thus reducing its consumption.

This natural treatment is to filter water through several baths containing limestone, salt or water plants by using gravity to go from one bath to another.

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