Salvem O Surf 2012

Salvem O Surf 2012

By obtaining the status of « world surfing reserve » for Ericeira’s spot, and by sensitizing the public of the Quiksilver Pro Portugal 2011, Salvem O Surf became well known among the public at large. Today, this NGO continues to focus on surfing issues and wave defense. In this way, this NGO has set three main objectives:

  • Protect Portuguese waves and coast
  • Inform stakeholder on benefits brought by surf to a region
  • Promotion of artificial reef

Since the beginning of the year Salvem o Surf has been focusing on four different projects:

  • The government has planed to build a road along Paul do Mar coast (Madeira Island) in order to improve shops accessibility. SOS went there to discuss with local authorities in order to defend the position of those that considers this project as a threat to the wave of Paul Do Mar. The various exchanges were considered positive by SOS team that now believes in the possibility of preserving this wave.
  • In collaboration with Nova university of Lisbon, SOS is about to lead a study that will highlight economic, environmental, social and cultural potential provided by major waves in the country.
  • Already altered by the construction of a seawall, Rabo de Peixe wave (Acores archipelago) is once again endangered by the construction of a second dyke. SOS made the trip to Rabo de Peixe to exchange with local authorities on the possible consequences of this project.
  • By leading the project “Ericeira world surfing reserve”, SOS wanted to adopt a preventive strategy towards wave protection. Thanks to their job, 8 km of Ericeira’s coasts are now protected. From now on, SOS will provide a technical support and assume the role of official reporter to the “surfing world reserve organization”.  

More informations on Salvem o Surf website.