Surf and Hope, already one year !

Surf and Hope, already one year !

Since its creation, the Quiksilver Foundation has supported Surf and Hope in its projects; here you can find a glimpse of all what have been done for one year.

2010: a total of 24000€ have been invested by the association.

All the realizations have been made with a local NGO« Escola Beneficiente de Surf do Titanzinho »;

  • 10 boards have been bought for the surf club
  • A new floor has been built in the Surf Club with welcoming rooms
  • Reparation of boards all year long
  • Travels for the competitions
  • Portuguese class
  • English and yoga class once a week
  • Creation of the website :
  • The Titan Kids movie


A weekly program for around 60 kids:

  • Surf once a day for those who attend school
  • Wednesday  night : movie night
  • Thursday afternoon: cultural day
  • Friday afternoon: Portuguese class
  • Saturday afternoon: English class
  • Saturday night: yoga for the competition group (for the competitions, the whole fees [travels and registration] are payed by EBST)


  • Contest : Juju de Souza (11 years old) won the Nordeste OPEN and found a sponsor (Pena). Davi Sobrinho (13 years old) won the Nordestino contest and also found a sponsor (Aggy which sponsors Camilla Sobrinho too). Larissa Dos Santos won a step of the Petrobrais tour in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Education:  Flavinho (12 years old) learnt to read and write and began to compete (video available here)
  • Titan Kids awarded the special prize of the jury at the International Surf film Festival in Anglet.

Moreover, Surf and Hope helped Igor to move in Rio de Janerio and to find a new job to avoid the violence of a gang.

Finally, from December, a book should be written with the kids of the surf club!