The #5 Steph campaign finance Anambe’s health center renovation

The #5 Steph campaign finance Anambe’s health center renovation

During her trip to Anambe in January 2012, Stephanie Gilmore was confronted with the weakness of health infrastructures.  Few months later, when she won her fifth world title, Steph saw an opportunity to raise funds in order to finance the health center renovation where Anambe’s women give life.

By launching the #5 Steph campaign, Stephanie wanted to give the opportunity to all of us to get involved in favor of the Water Guardians project led by Coeur de forêt. The Quiksilver foundation engaged itself to donate 1$ per picture shared on social media in which the number 5 appeared, in reference to her fifth world title.

In this way, 6 000 $ were raised and will entirely be dedicated to the health center renovation.

The renovation work has been divided into 3 different steps. The beginning of year 2013 was the occasion to implement the first step of the project that consists in:

  • Renovate the entrance hall pavement
  • Seal the holes on the ground and the roof
  • Enlarge the delivery room
  • Build a partition in order to separate the postnatal room from the waiting room
  • Build a hut for the night watchman at the health center entrance
  • Repaint the health center interior and exterior

The second step, that will be developed in the course of 2013 Coeur de foret aims to:

  • Provide the health center and the delivery room with running water
  • Equip the health center with material in order to accommodate patients in good conditions (beds, mattress, sheets, bench seats, fans)

The third and last step will focus on providing the health center with medicines and more important medical equipment such as an ambulance, sonogram and dentistry equipment.