Venus Project III

Venus Project III

For the third time this year, the Venus Project is back. This project will be an opportunity to take one step forward in the fight against breast cancer by supporting two non-profit making organizations: Le cancer du sein parlons-en ! and  Europa Donna.

Once again, Roxy links up with Spacejunk and Les Sens de l’Art in order to increase women awareness regarding breast cancer screening and to break taboos related to this illness.

The project is based on 14 replicas of the Venus de Milo painted by comic books’ artists. Those artworks will be sold at an auction taking place in Paris, in October 2012. Funds raised during the auction will be donated to Le cancer du sein parlons-en ! and Europa Donna.

The exhibition will be touring in several French cities, thanks to the support of Geodis®, such as:

  • Toulouse, from February till May
  • Bayonne, from June till July
  • Biarritz during the Roxy Pro (11th -17th of July)
  • Lyon, from September till October

The project launch will take place in Toulouse (Fr) with a friendly event on Friday the third of February at the Bikini.

For more information on the event, please follow the link: