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Quiksilver Revegetation Day 2013

Quik Revegetation Spring Creek

Quiksilver, in collaboration with LandCare held their annual Revegetation Day last Friday: the focus was the Spring Creek. This area is increasingly surrounded by urban development along with a range of recreational activities. It is essential that continual planting and weed control are undertaken for the improvement of the health of the creek, its significant vegetation and natural inhabitants, so the area is preserved and enjoyed by all for many years to come.

Torquay LandCare Group President Margot Galletly says “Quiksilver is a local corporation that has a strong interest in conserving the environment; and this will be the sixth year that the Quiksilver Foundation has sponsored Torquay Landcare Group’s (TLG) regeneration work.”    

Intricate negotiations, including onsite meetings have been conducted with the Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE), and Surf Coast Shire. Westcoast Indigenous Nursery who propagates indigenous flora for planting on the day; this year with emphasis on restoring vegetation ‘understorey.’