Foundation projects

Heart of forest

Since 2001, the association Cœur de forêt has been acting for Biodiversity regeneration and in an effort to help threatened forest populations.

Its 4 main ways of intervention are the following ones:

- Plant trees
- Preserve forest populations
- Facilitate the creation of fair trade pattern
- Make the global opinion aware of patrimony preservation

In 2008, Coeur de Forêt launched the concept of “Water Guardians”, which main stake is the protection of the water cycle. By protecting the forests –the biggest fresh water resources on earth- their inhabitants and the biodiversity, we will preserve the access to water for the future generations.

Quiksilver and Coeur de Forêt will set up a first concrete project about water & biodiversity conservation in Senegal thanks to the funds collected during the Green campaign.

Geographical location: Senegal – Region of Kolda, Anambé’s basin

Beneficiaries of de project: 20 villages of the basin

Project’s stake: Stop the deforestation of the region by value-adding the forested products according to a fair trade process so as to settle the populations down and then avoid the dangerous emigration.

Operational objectives of the project:

  • Development of frilling and irrigation systems for water access
  • Preserving the Baobab and creating a cooperative to add value to its powder and its oil
  • Developing a planting trees operation so as to being people back to the region and its surrounding communities (plantation of 30 000 trees over the 3 next years)
  • Creation of an essential oil extraction unit
  • Lighting of households through Jatropha oil
  • Creation of a Soap production unit
  • Provide the households with animal-towed farming material
  • Creation of a pilot farm

The Water Guardians Senegal project aims to create economic alternatives to the wild deforestation of the Baobab. The project coordinators are willing to show some exemplarity of living out of the forest and its biodiversity without destroying it. They fixed the objective of protecting the Anambé’s basin from wild logging so as to preserve the water cycle and allow the forest communities to live out of the forest and protecting them at the same time.