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Coeur de Foret 2011

Coeur de Foret 2011

Green campaign Water Guardians Senegal project: develops a virtuous economic model

The Senegal Water Guardians project, partly supported by the funds collected during the 2010 Green Campaign, had as aim to develop a virtuous economic model which supports the development of sustainable activities, respectful of men and nature, and to create incomes for rural households in the Anambé village. In order to fulfill this mission, Coeur de Forêt should rely on:

  • Fruit trees and medicinal plants planting
  • Development of organic market gardening
  • Diffusion of farming seeds
  • Eco-tourism
  • Installation of renewable energy sources (solar panels)
  • Creation of a transport system to open up the region

Between June 2010 and February 2011, the project became, bit by bit, a reality. Numerous actions had been lead:

  • Creation on one hectare of a pilot tree nursery with 10 000 fruit trees and 50 species of organic vegetables
  • Construction of 4 huts to accommodate the Coeur de Forêt team
  • Installation of a still to distil organic essential oil (Eucalyptus globules, wild mint) and training for 5 people
  • Construction of 2 wells for the irrigation, a training center in the open-air, and a fence of 3 hectares to delimitate the cultivated land.
  • Installation of an irrigation system for 50 hectares of priority cover as well as 2 drop-by-drop irrigation systems
  • Hiring of 300 women from the Anambe region

Each day, Cœur de Forêt continues its efforts to reach its goals for the Water Guardians project. The funds collected thanks to the second Green Campaign allow Coeur de Forêt to go deeper in this project.