Foundation projects

Reef Check 2010

Over the 1999-2005 period, the Quiksilver group launched the project called “The Crossing”.

The idea: sailing over all the oceans of the world searching for virgin waves and doing scientific check ups. The “Indies Trader”, the Quiksilver-chartered boat, sailed over the oceans with volunteers, scientists and worldwide known surfers on board. The objective was to combine the search of waves of exception in isolated places and making up a report about both the reef health and water quality.

Snorkeling sessions that have been realized during the mission encourage both the ARVAM agency (Research and Marine Development) and Quiksilver to develop an environmental education program: the “Reef Check” and “Water Check” program came to life in 2003.

The Green campaign aim to spread out this program by setting up new Reef Check and Water Check expeditions in the Indian Ocean during the years 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The Reef Corals are threatened of extinction over the 50 years to come. They suffer from a multi-cause degradation, which is difficult to define. To figure it out, only local actions might have positive impacts. The commitment of all of us, surfers included, is necessary.

This is in this context that the Reef Check was born back in 1996. This is a program composed by volunteers who report the health state of the Reef, basing they work on rigorous scientific approach. The aim here is to detect some changes of the health state of the reef caused by natural or human disruptions. The operational work goes through the description of the analyzed spot, the quantitative and qualitative inventory of fishes, invertebrates and substrate (where the organism grows). The collected data are saved in a standardized Reef Check file which is then forwarded each year to the Reef Check headquarters in LA, at the International level. Then they are integrated to a global synthesis. In a parallel to that, the Water Check also has reinforced their reef check actions since 2005. Quiksilver helped the ARVAM agency to get the necessary analysis tools to check up the bacteriological water quality of surfing spots in La Réunion.