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Reef Check 2012

Reef Check 2012

Reef Check is a volunteer program specialized in reef’s health monitoring, leaning on a rigorous scientific approach but adapted to every volunteer, whether they are informed citizen or from scientific, NGO backgrounds.

One of the priorities of 2011 was to develop Reef check Madagascar. In this way two missions were lead on Nossy-be (North West of the island) influenced by three actions:

  • Creation of new monitoring stations : 6 in Mitzios archipelago and 2 in Radamas island chain
  • Training on Reef Check protocol, provided to 7 persons of the Nosy Tanikely marine park administrator and reef users of the Tsarabanjina Island.
  • Sustainable support on the management of Nosy Tanikely marine park

A new campaign is leaded this year to maintain the help provided to those new teams.

2011 has seen the creation of Reef Check Mauritius. This year new stations are about to be created in order to answer to the important needs due to a large number of divers and an important reef surface.

To continue the efforts made in Mayottesince 2010, 4 missions were identified:

  • Training, of 36 young inhabitants of the islands, to dive and Reef check scientific monitoring
  • Introduction of 6 new stations on the island
  • Follow the reef’s health state
  • Promotion of Reef Check action and its partners

2011 is characterized by a very positive outcome: 2400 sqm additional reef will be examined every year by young locals. At the same time, a large awareness campaign was conducted through radio and TV show, video report relayed by Medias and on the internet. A documentary will be presented during the 18th Underwater Festival in June 2012.

To support the monitoring of the reef illness, Reef Check Reunion focused on 2 actions:

  • Introduction of 4 new monitoring stations
  • Identification and monitoring of the disease present on the reef of the western part of the island

The 2011 monitoring session identified some diseases that will be analyzed this year. All the observations made will allow optimizing the action plan lead by public authorities.

Reef Check in 2011 it’s 8 000 sqm of reef studied, 20 new Reef Check stations and 49 new volunteers from Madagascar, Mauritius Island, Mayotte and Reunion Island, implicated in their mission of reef conservation.

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