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Surf and Hope

Surf and Hope

Surf and Hope is a foundation created by the professional surfers Lee-Ann Curren and Andre Silva, to educate and help kids from poor areas to start surfing and use this sport as a way out of streets, poverty, drugs, etc.

Touched by the misery and the numerous plags which threaten the kid’s life, Lee Ann took her camera to tell the everyday life of these rejected kids. Besides she also tries to gather funds to offer to the favela’s children surfboards as an alternative to delinquency.

To reach her goals, Lee Ann decided to collect, during her trips, a unique collection of surfboards having belonged to prestigious owners such as Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Jérémy Florès, Mick Fanning, and Tom Curren and so on. Then, she sells the surfboards to raise money for its foundation.

If the project is working well, André and Lee Ann will try to extend it to other poor surf areas, like Mexico, Caribbean, Morocco…

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