Foundation projects

Surfrider Foundation 2010

Surfrider Foundation 2010

Quiksilver has been supporting Surfrider Foundation Europe, since 1990 -date of its creation. As a non profit organization, Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and sustainable value-adding of the littoral environment. It is publicly recognized for its education programs, its legal programs, the environment protection actions they develop plus they are legally considered as a “public interests” representative. For years already, one of Surfrider’s major working fields has been to set up a network of chemical follow-ups of water quality so as to preserve our playgrounds. 

This project plans to enlarge the Surfrider monitoring-laboratories network. The specificity of this project is that it will open up an opportunity to enlarge their littoral water quality check-up networks to chemical pollutions. Thanks to the evolution of scientific knowledge, we can make the link between chemical pollution and Health. However, those claims are still not taken into account by official follow-ups in Europe when it comes to swimming-areas water quality.

Pretty much like the North American “Volunteering monitoring” type of work, this collaboration fostering a co-construction of Public Research will allow their alert networks to cover an even more compete investigative field. This innovative project will also allow them to create the first footbridge between Non Profit Orgs and Public Research. 

This project is composed of:

  • Creation of research common frameworks between Surfrider and institutions
  • Integration of chemical pollutions in Surfrider's follow-ups networks
  • Launching epidemiologic studies (water activities & chemical pollution)
  • Creation of a scientific mediation platform 

This project will cover the Oleron island for its pilot period. During its first declension along the n+1 year, this program will be enlarged to the national level. Later in the future, this initiative will be developed at the European scale.