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Surfrider Foundation 2011

Surfrider Foundation 2011

Green campaign Surfrider Foundation : creates a chemical follow-up of coastal waters  

In 2010, during its first edition, the Green Campaign allowed to collect 80 000€ wholly dedicated to water protection. A part of these funds had been transferred to the Surfrider Foundation Europe to work on chemical pollution issues. A new project had been launched in order to reveal the presence of chemical substances in coastal water and to evaluate their potential impacts.

Therefore, a deep study and a comparative analysis of the rules and regulations in France and in Europe has been led to determine the watched substances among all the chemical substances present in the sea. The creation and the development of an expert network allowed to get a complete overview of studies regarding the impacts of chemical substance on public health and environment.  In parallel, Surfrider Foundation led deepened researches on the detection methods used to measure these contaminants in the coastal areas. Besides, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, French minister of ecology, came to visit the Surfrider Foundation Campus in Biarritz on the 6th of June; it was the occasion to tackle the subject and to integrate it in the political agenda.

Finally, the Surfrider Foundation contribution to national and European work groups on this topic allows them to contribute to a better recognition of the contaminants in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. This directive aims for maintaining of water good state by 2020.  

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