Foundation projects

Water guardians: a growing project

Water guardians: a growing project

Since its creation in 2010, the water guardian project leaded by Cœur de Forêt revitalizes Anambe’s valley (Senegal) through an economic development respecting communities and their environment.

Since the visit of our ambassadors in february 2012, the project has focused its development on 4 main points:

  • 5 000 fruit trees are getting ready in the nursery (lemon trees, orange trees, mango tree, …)
  • 2 acres reforested on the Coeur de Forêt life base site
  • Creation of a fence coupled with lemon tree hedge (600 trees plantes) on the Coeur de foret life base site in order to protect crops from rodents.
  • By developing a market gardening activity (tomato, chili, cassava), the project offers new economic perspectives to the families that will go sell the production on local markets

After 3 years of existence, we are pleased to note that the project is expanding as shown by these few figures:

  • Over 8 500 fruit tress trees planted since 2010
  • 6,5 acres reforested on the Coeur de foret life base site (2,5 acres) and onions land (4 acres)

The water guardians team has fixed two main objectives for 2013 which reveal that the project has a growing influence on the region:

  • Extend the project to 5 surroundings villages
  • Created a new fruit trees plantation area