Foundation projects

Wheels to Grow

Mecanic of a skateboard workshop

In early December, Javier Mendizabal and the Quiksilver Foundation travelled to Phnom Penh to meet the Skateistan team and their students. This marked the beginning of an exciting new collaboration to release a range of handcrafted sunglasses made out of recycled skateboard decks, and outfitted with Carl Zeiss lenses, to help support Skateistan.

Javier participated in all of Skateistan Cambodia's day-to-day activities with the students. Through their shared passion for skateboarding, Javi was able to inspire and motivate the students of Skateistan to push their own skating to new levels. The whole experience is documented in the short film "Wheels to grow" that shows how skateboarding can not only bridge cultural barriers, but it can also be used as a tool for self expression, creativity and access to education.

Check the video: